If you’re in need of transporting a deceased person from on city to another or from one country to another, feel free to use our transportation service.

Transportation of the deceased is a time consuming process, during which you’ll encounter a number of problems: from paperwork to finding specialized transport.  

We’re very experienced in organizing transportation of the deceased, both local and international. We work in countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, England, Ireland, Germany, CIS, Scandinavian and other countries. Besides, unlike other transportation companies, who specialize in just transportation, we take care of all the necessary paperwork, provide morgue facilities at departure and destination points as well as embalming of the body. You won’t have to look for various service providers in an unfamiliar city or country, you’ll just have to contact us.

For more information about transportation call us: (+371) 20080000 or (+371) 20087777.

Funeral agency "ANGEL" transports bodies of the deceased in a specialized, certified vehicle-hearse, from abroad to Latvia and from Latvia to anywhere in the world.

Cost of transporting body of the deceased consists of the following:

  • 0.40 EUR per kilometer
  • Cost of toll roads,
  • If necessary, cost of ferry (both directions),
  • Cost of renting a zinc coffin,
  • Cost of a wooden coffin.

Questions about documents received abroad, in each case of repatriation of the body of the deceased are solved individually. Employee of funeral agency "ANGEL", either by phone or by e-mail contacts morgue (in some cases the police) where body of the deceased is located. Only Employee of the morgue can inform about documents that are available and the price of those documents, he can also inform about the date when body of the deceased will be available for pick up. Death certificate must be received in the country where the accident happened. In the same country, based on death certificate and copy of medical conclusion about the cause of death, permission of exporting body of the deceased abroad (repatriation of the body) must be received.

If transportation of the deceased is carried out within European Union, there is no need to translate documents to Latvian language abroad, notarized translation of a death certificate can be done in Latvia.

If death of a person occurred in Russia, Belarus or the CIS countries, notarized translation of a death certificate to Latvian language is required. Besides, it is necessary to have a reference from the cemetery about availability of burial place for the deceased person.

If the deceased is being transported from Latvia to another country, "ANGEL" seals the coffin and prepares all the necessary paperwork.

In case of repatriation of the body of a foreign country, funeral agency "ANGEL" seals the coffin in the presence of Consulate of said country.

Besides, funeral agency "ANGEL", sends bodies of the deceased in zinc coffins (“cargo 200”) on a plane to various countries, and receives them in Latvian airport, providing a full range of funeral services.

P.S. Transportation of the deceased in a hearse is more convenient for customer because of these two reasons:

  • Client only has to deal with one funeral agency, which will pick up body of the deceased from morgue and deliver it to the burial place.
  • (Instead of three agencies, one which delivers the body to airport, one which manages the flight and another one which receives body of the deceased and delivers it to the burial place).
  • If necessary, another person can drive along in a hearse, without any additional cost.

You can call 24/7: +37120080000, +37120087777.

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